imMEMortals – ZOE

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The imMEMortal book in the series is transitioning into three separate Novellas. Zoe’s story will soon be out for all to read. I’m shooting for the end of October or early November. You will be thrilled to learn about Zoe’s past and what makes her tick. She is known as the Angel of Death among the HuMEM Society. As she says:

“It isn’t hard to kill a HuMEM, you only have to cut off their heads.”

Claudia Lynx has been voted in IFL to play Zoe in the film MEMergence.

Her first kill at the Cluny Museum in France was a bit of ‘macabre humor’. But there were other kills that nearly ended her life.

You can read about Lonnie’s transMEM and the first time they set eyes on each other. Find out why he is Zoe’s hero. Zoe also takes a trip back to Greece and follows Robbie’s band, Inventing Abbey to several locals. 

The story also continues with the group from the boat in book one, when Robbie takes them to an underground bunker deep in the “smuggler’s caves, under his family house in Scotland.

Click on Claudia’s picture and you will open a link to the Imaginary Film List to MEMergence. Choose who you would like to play your favorite characters.

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