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The next book in the HuMEM Series is shaping up. This book will explore the transformation or transMEM of six imMEMortals. I am working at present on Zoe’s story. She has a dark, deep, fascinating story of tragic proportions. Born on a Greek island, Zoe reveals just how horrible life can be if you are born deformed.

The other imMEMortals who will share their lives with you are Stephanie, Garrett, Dr. Sylvia Rushing, Robbie and the sixth and final imMEMortal will remain a secret. I know, you don’t like secrets, but nevertheless, I think you will be surprised as we hear their story.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of MEMERGENCE, you can do so at Click on book to purchase.

It can be purchased as a paperback or Kindle version.Please remember to leave a review when you have finished reading MEMERGENCE.


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