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After much deliberation, I’ve decided to turn iMEMortals into novellas. Zoe’s story will be called THE ANGEL OF DEATH. I have the cover to share with you. This depicts her first kill at the Cluny Museum in Paris.

The manuscript is at present with the editor and I hope to have it ready for you before the end of the year. It’s almost impossible to kill a huMEM, but Zoe has learned how to do it. She just cuts off their heads!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00007]

Cover design by Steven J. Catizone

imMEMortals – ZOE

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The imMEMortal book in the series is transitioning into three separate Novellas. Zoe’s story will soon be out for all to read. I’m shooting for the end of October or early November. You will be thrilled to learn about Zoe’s past and what makes her tick. She is known as the Angel of Death among the HuMEM Society. As she says:

“It isn’t hard to kill a HuMEM, you only have to cut off their heads.”

Claudia Lynx has been voted in IFL to play Zoe in the film MEMergence.

Her first kill at the Cluny Museum in France was a bit of ‘macabre humor’. But there were other kills that nearly ended her life.

You can read about Lonnie’s transMEM and the first time they set eyes on each other. Find out why he is Zoe’s hero. Zoe also takes a trip back to Greece and follows Robbie’s band, Inventing Abbey to several locals. 

The story also continues with the group from the boat in book one, when Robbie takes them to an underground bunker deep in the “smuggler’s caves, under his family house in Scotland.

Click on Claudia’s picture and you will open a link to the Imaginary Film List to MEMergence. Choose who you would like to play your favorite characters.

Imagine Film List – MEMERGENCE

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Great news!

Click Here

MEMERGENCE is now available for you to choose your favorite actress or actor for characters in our favorite story about nanites.

You can be like a real casting director and propose the best actor or actress for the parts of Opal (young and elder), Robbie Brand, Dr. Rushing, Zoe, Lonnie, Lucy, Preston, Opal’s daughter Laura, Garrett, and Stephanie.

I hope you have fun and let’s hope a director will see MEMERGENCE and make it into a movie.

ps… can choose the director, writer, and composer, too.

I’ll be looking for your choices!

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MEMERGENCE Kindle copy is only $3.99 on Please help me raise my sales numbers by clicking on the book link and purchasing your Kindle copy of MEMERGENCE. Your positive review would be appreciated.   Opal’s world has become a tangled mess of futuristic nano-technology, exciting romance, and terrifying danger. Her own family doesn’t recognize her and when a series of mysterious “accidents” start happening, it seems someone might want her dead too!

imMEMortals Book Cover

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Just wanted to let you see the new book cover for imMEMortals The HuMEM Series: Book Two.

A big shout-out to book cover designer Steven J. Catizone for all his hard work! Thanks!


His Facebook url is


Work on the book is going good. Still hope to have it ready by this Fall. Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00007]


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Just finished with Zoe’s story and started the one on Dr. Sylvia Rushing. OMG! You won’t believe the surprises she has in store for you.

I woke up the other morning and couldn’t believe what I wrote. It shocked me, so I know it will shock you. The future is fraught with danger and intrigue as the HuMEMs continue to battle for control of their lives. Peace is an illusion that flits in and out of their grasps as they learn who they can trust. Some people aren’t who they seem and their time of Freedom is coming to an end.

What will happen to Opal and Robbie? Can Zoe be trusted? Is Dr. Rushing’s work going to find its way into the hands of the government or will the HuMEMs find the underground lab before it is too late?

Stay tuned for more!




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The next book in the HuMEM Series is shaping up. This book will explore the transformation or transMEM of six imMEMortals. I am working at present on Zoe’s story. She has a dark, deep, fascinating story of tragic proportions. Born on a Greek island, Zoe reveals just how horrible life can be if you are born deformed.

The other imMEMortals who will share their lives with you are Stephanie, Garrett, Dr. Sylvia Rushing, Robbie and the sixth and final imMEMortal will remain a secret. I know, you don’t like secrets, but nevertheless, I think you will be surprised as we hear their story.

If you haven’t purchased your copy of MEMERGENCE, you can do so at Click on book to purchase.

It can be purchased as a paperback or Kindle version.Please remember to leave a review when you have finished reading MEMERGENCE.



After a year and some months, I have in my possession a box of printed books. It is exciting to know that as an Indie author, I have control over my own creation. MEMERGENCE is now available at in paperback and in the Kindle version. It can also be purchased at

The_Humem_Series_B1_3d_view     Please, after you have read the book, I would appreciate your time and consideration as you write a review.

     I am earnestly working on book two in the HuMEM Series. It will be called imMEMortals and will include the transMEM stories of six of our illustrious HuMEMs; Zoe, Robbie, Dr. Rushing, Stephanie, Garrett, and one who shall not be named at this time. Yes, I know it isn’t fair not to spill the beans, but I like to keep you guessing!

     Here is a little blurb to let you know what MEMERGENCE is about….

MEMergence is the first installment of a Series of books written about HuMEMs. (MEM – Micro Electronic Machines or nanites)

There is a community of imMEMortals who have experienced the transformation from being a normal human to a life of possible immortality. In fact, the first HuMEMs are still alive and haven’t aged in over 60 years. 

But the procedure doesn’t always bring about the intended result. 

MEMergence is Opal’s story…

If I only knew then what I know now….
How many of us wish for a do-over?

Fifty-six-year-old Opal is stuck in a miserable marriage and terrified of growing older alone. In a desperate move, she participates in an experimental procedure. But, things don’t go as expected and Opal wakes to find she’s biologically twenty three-years-old and her life is in chaos. 

Her husband wants a divorce, the doctors at the clinic want her to stay there permanently for “tests,” and a mysterious man appears on the beach, bringing lust and excitement like she’s never experienced before. 

Opal’s world has become a tangled mess of futuristic nano-technology, exciting romance, and terrifying danger. Her own family doesn’t recognize her and when a series of mysterious “accidents” start happening, it seems someone might want her dead too!

Can she learn to live with her “do-over” and the nanites interference in her life or will she succumb to the fear of becoming someone’s science project and return to the clinic and the HuMEM community?